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5 times a week of professionally done-for you Elliott Wave analysis for each forex pair

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Two charts for each analysis - higher + lower time frames to spot patterns & potential entry points

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Specific price targets, trend and market direction based on time-tested Elliott Wave principles.


Why Members Loved Our Service!

I can’t tell you how much I thank you for your analysis. Since I joined the membership, my account is getting better result which is the first time in my trading career.

Wooseok Yang

I need to give big thanks to you providing such a correct signal for us and this make really big help for me. Thanks once again and really believing such a wonderful analysis and making us profit in the market.

Ruwan Ranasinghe

Thanks so much for your attention and knowledge here… Having your alternates is extremely valuable.

David Ruscoe

Thank you for working out so many possible counts for us.

Raymond Chong

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$ 30 / month
  • 30 Days Free Trial
  • 5 analysis/week per pair
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Contact Us if you have other questions...

Can I see sample analysis?

You can browse our archives HERE and HERE without the need to subscribe or being logged in. These are not samples but rather actual analysis provided to our paid members but are over 2 weeks old.

Can you provide analysis for other pairs?

We will consider adding new forex pairs based on demand. These can be added to your subscription at additional cost with discount given to active members.

How Do I Get Notified of New Analysis?

As soon as a new analysis is published, you will instantly get an email notification to make sure that it stays fresh for you to capture the market.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

You can easily cancel your membership from the "My Account" page when you are logged in. There is no long term contracts and you can cancel anytime.

Can you help me to make specific trades?

We are not a signal service and as such cannot advise you on what specific trades for you to make. What we offer is done-for-you Elliott Wave count analysis that normally takes a lot of experience and time if you try to do it yourself.


Our value proposition is for you to save time so that you can focus on your trading but still able to harness the power of Elliott Wave in your decisions.

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