GBPUSD – March 16th, 2020

GBP/USD, 12H chart. It seems like there’s a downward zigzag, which supposed to be wave (B). Previously, we had an upward impulse in wave (A). Also, there’s an advance, which could be the first wave of wave (C).

GBPUSD 21st January, 2020

Cable continues to trade in a sideways manner and the larger trend remains down. Any rally should prove corrective, preparing the way for further decline.

GBPUSD 9th January, 2020

Cable popped to a higher high before reversing gears in line with the ongoing corrective structure we have been tracking.

GBPUSD 30th December, 2019

In the previous analysis, we set targets starting from 1.3139. Cable tagged that first target and we will discuss below whether the bounce has run its course.

GBPUSD 26th December, 2019

Cable traded on up as anticipated and both targets were reached. The focus remains on up till Cable shows any sign of weakness as we will discuss shortly.

GBPUSD 25th December, 2019

The post above the hourly count’s invalidation point lends credence to the idea that a counter-trend advance has started. As always we will wait for the hourly count confirmation point to be reached to gain confidence in this outlook.

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