Month: December 2019

GBPUSD 30th December, 2019

In the previous analysis, we set targets starting from 1.3139. Cable tagged that first target and we will discuss below whether the bounce has run its course.

GBPUSD 26th December, 2019

Cable traded on up as anticipated and both targets were reached. The focus remains on up till Cable shows any sign of weakness as we will discuss shortly.

GBPUSD 25th December, 2019

The post above the hourly count’s invalidation point lends credence to the idea that a counter-trend advance has started. As always we will wait for the hourly count confirmation point to be reached to gain confidence in this outlook.

EURUSD – December 24th, 2019

Merry Christmas, everyone! The euro has been practically standing still, which isn’t much of a surprise during holiday seasons. For all intents and purposes, our main count remains exactly the same.

EURUSD – December 23th, 2019

The euro saw very little change over the course of the day. This leaves our count exactly the same, neither supporting nor undermining it.

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