Month: August 2019

GBPUSD 27th August, 2019

GBPUSD traded on up, casting doubts on the idea that wave (iii) green had more in store. I am modifying the subdivisions of wave iii pink to provide the best fit.

EURUSD 20th August, 2019

The euro formed a double-bottom on severely bullish momentum divergence. Not only does this boost my confidence in the main count, but it also maintains its targets while providing an even closer confirmation point.

GBPUSD 19th August, 2019

Cable traded on up in a choppy manner, in line with the idea that the downtrend remains in play.

GBPUSD 13th August, 2019

Whether the corrective bounce from the 1.2014 is taking the form of a triangle correction or a different corrective pattern, remains to be seen. The bottom line remains that the larger degree trend is down.

GBPUSD 12th August, 2019

Cable fell short of our second target by 9 pips before reversing gears. The working assumption is that any bounce should prove corrective, paving the way for further decline.

EURUSD 6th August, 2019

As expected the euro moved toward the downside and came only 3 pips short of reaching our first target. It seems that the first two phases of this correction are now complete, and only the last one remains.

GBPUSD 6th August, 2019

The bounce from the 1.2079 swing low is in line with the main outlook. The main hourly count suggests that lower lows should lie ahead.

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