Month: April 2019

EURUSD 25th April, 2019

The euro spent the day locked in a range of less than 35 pips. Having stayed away from our projected confirmation and support levels, it leaves our most recent count exactly the same (albeit with slightly less confidence).

GBPUSD 25th April, 2019

GBPUSD extended its decline, reaching and exceeding the first cited target and appears poised for more. As always we will wait for either count’s confirmation point to be reached to determine the highly probable count.

EURUSD 19th April, 2019

The euro spent the day locked in an unbelievably narrow range of 10 pips, leaving our latest count exactly as it was.

EURUSD 18th April, 2019

Instead of continuing upwards to 1.1350 as expected, the euro witnessed a relatively strong decline to a new weekly low. This signals the very likely end of the most recent correction and the beginning of a new bearish round.

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