Month: February 2019

GBPUSD 27th February, 2019

Cable climbed to a higher high in line with the idea that a top has yet to be registered. We will continue to look for higher highs as long as Cable remains above the main hourly count’s invalidation point.

GBPUSD 26th February, 2019

The advance above the main count’s invalidation point, confirms the alternate outlook. Today’s main count suggests that Cable’s rally has entered its late stages and that a top should be just around the corner.

EURUSD 25th February, 2019

Moving slowly and with apparently no real intent, the euro came very quickly to hitting our confirmation point, but it hasn’t reached it (much less its associated target) just yet. The analysis remains exactly the same for yet another day.

EURUSD 22nd February, 2019

The euro nothing other than fluctuating within a very tight range of less than 40 pips, leaving our last analysis almost exactly the same.

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