Month: October 2018

EURUSD 31st October, 2018

Despite defying the main count and continuing further down to test the previous low at 1.1300, the movement of the euro still looks largely corrective. Therefore, I’m still in favor of a very nearby bullish reversal.

GBPUSD 30th October, 2018

Cable continued to score lower lows, reaching and exceeding both cited levels. If the main hourly count is on track, downward movement should prove limited before giving way to a sideways corrective bounce.

EURUSD 29th October, 2018

Very little has changed throughout the day, which leaves our count from yesterday exactly the same.

GBPUSD 26th October, 2018

The sideways price action adds little to the overall picture. We continue to track the smaller degree impulse toward the downside.

EURUSD 26th October, 2018

After a 20-pip decline below the previous support, the euro seems to be picking up speed toward the upside. The confirmation point of the main count hasn’t been reached yet, but it seems to be just a matter of time.

GBPUSD 25th October, 2018

We continue to look for lower to complete the impulse decline that we have been tracking. Have a great weekend!

EURUSD 25th October, 2018

As expected the euro moved toward the downside, reached both of our targets, and exceeded the second target so far by 3 pips.

GBPUSD 24th October, 2018

Cable extended its decline, supporting the bearish interpretation and that cited levels are yet to be reached, therefore, I am tightening the invalidation point accordingly.

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