Month: August 2018

GBPUSD 29th August, 2018

The rally through the main hourly count confirmation point suggests that higher highs remain in store for the cited larger degree corrective bounce.

GBPUSD 28th August, 2018

We continue to look for evidence to suggest that the countertrend bounce has peaked and the downtrend is back on track. As always, we will wait for either count’s confirmation point to be reached, to determine the highly probable count.

EURUSD 27th August, 2018

As expected the euro moved toward the upside, reached both of our targets, and exceeded the second target by 38 pips so far. Odds are in favor of another small-to-moderate rally to end this part of the larger correction.

EURUSD 24th August, 2018

As the euro moved above 1.1623, I’m starting to see the potential for further advance toward 1.1700, and possibly a bit beyond it.

GBPUSD 23rd August, 2018

We continue to gather evidence that suggests that the countertrend advance has peaked and that the larger degree downtrend has resumed.

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