Month: July 2018

EURUSD 27th July, 2018

The Euro had a completely stagnant day where prices hovered in a very tight range right around our first target. Until I see some decisive confirmation that the current correction is complete, I’m more inclined to view any downward movement as part of that correction.

EURUSD 25th July, 2018

The Euro is still wandering around in a largely corrective fashion without a clear direction. I’m starting to see a different pattern on the daily chart, and it’s one that fits quite nicely with the current main count.

EURUSD 24th July, 2018

As expected the Euro moved toward the downside, but then it retraced nearly two-thirds of its losses. Normally, a 100-pip decline is a decent move. But when we place it in context, it neither really confirms nor undermines our current count.

GBPUSD 23rd July, 2018

The main count suggests that the bounce from the most recent swing lows is corrective and that it should give way to lower lows. As always we will wait for either count’s confirmation point to be reached to determine the highly probable count.

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