Month: July 2017

GBPUSD 21st July, 2017

On Friday’s session, Cable drifted higher and the confirmation point is yet to be reached. The main count expects further advance for Cable to complete a fourth wave correction.

GBPUSD 20th July, 2017

Cable unfolded downwards as expected and both first and second targets were reached, to the pip. The hourly count expects Cable to unfold upwards to complete a fourth wave correction. That’s all for the week, have a great weekend!

GBPUSD 19th July, 2017

Uneventful session for Cable as it continued to consolidate in a sideways manner, failing to reach the hourly count confirmation point. We are updating the hourly count according to the latest price action.

GBPUSD 18th July, 2017

Cable started the day by unfolding higher, reaching the daily first target — to the pip –,failing to reach the hourly first target. The drop that followed suggests that the countertrend decline might has more to offer.

GBPUSD 17th July, 2017

Cable unfolded as expected and found a bottom almost at the middle level of both cited targets. We are updating the main count according to the latest price action and the main count continues to expect cable to unfold higher to complete a C wave.

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